Is It Time for Your Small Practice to Get Onboard with Electronic Health Records (EHR)?

As with most major changes in any industry, the big businesses are the first to implement new technologies and electronic health records (EHR) are no exception. Hospitals and large clinics have been using EHR for some time now. Perhaps it’s time for you to look at introducing new medical software into your practices to streamline billing and coding and bring your medical billing into the digital age. Here are just a few of the benefits of the EHR system.

Access to Information

When you consider all the time and energy spent on getting information from other practitioners and labs, it is easy to see where it would benefit you to have a shortcut. Lab results can be available as soon as they are passed by the QA department in the lab. Patients’ histories are already there when you need them.

Another benefit of getting information this way is that the increased speed makes your patients happy! They don’t have to wait as long for lab results, and in many cases, can access the results themselves which saves your staff the time of taking the call, finding the right person and gathering the info as well as talking on the phone to the patient.

Save Time Spent on Medical Billing

Your staff has a lot to do and if they are billing and coding repeatedly and then also dealing with confusions and errors in the entries, you wind up paying for a lot of lost time. With medical software designed to streamline right into the EHR format, you save the hassle and the cost that would otherwise be incurred.

Your Data Is Safe

Paper records can not only be lost or misplaced, but you can lose the whole collection in a fire or flood. When your billing and coding records are in the EHR system, they are digital and can easily be backed up in several places, so that even if your server is destroyed, a current version is being held elsewhere.

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